Our team of experts are frequently asked by other building professionals to identify original surface finishes, whether that be original pointing styles, internal plaster finishes, vernacular harls or more formal render finishes, usually in lime but of course other materials have been used in the past such as early patented cements. With this evidence identified and analysed, by layer or coating we can build up a picture of what the building would have looked like both internally and externally including original paint, limewash or distemper finishes and indeed colours.

This information may well inform decisions to reinstate external or internal finishes, for example, a painstaking investigation of the historic (often hidden) surface finishes at the Great Hall, Stirling Castleinformed the magnificent external finishes you now see from afar, a king’s palace and a beacon for his people. Other buildings include Livingston Old Parish Church, now resplendent with its new lime render and limewash finishes, all based on evidence of extant finishes found by our team of experts.

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