Main Information

SLCT Principal Trainer, Timeserved Stonemason, Stan Stenhouse
Merryhill Training centre, KY12 3DR
Start Time
9:30 a.m.
End Time
4:30 p.m.
£525.00 + VAT
(£630.00 incl VAT)

Technical Details

Individual Learning Accounts (ILA)
Requires C1 & C2?
Technical Level
Practical Level


A 3 day workshop aimed at contractors, building on the knowledge and skills gained on 'C1 Making and Using Traditional Mortars'.

The workshop aims to enable participants to complete seamless rebuilding and repair of traditional masonry to match original work. You will gain a conservation ethic and be able to develop repair strategies suitable for a variety of traditional masonry types. 

This course deals with:

  • the consolidation of rubble walling;
  • rebuilding stone replacement walling and undertaking masonry repairs at roof level;

This workshop provides the underpinning knowledge and a practical rehearsal for the assessment of National Units H8 WV 46 ‘Consolidation and Repair of Masonry Structures’.

Please click here to download PDF copy of the course description (42.6KB)

Course Suitability

  • This practical course is aimed at building contractors and those undertaking repair work to masonry structures who have completed 'C1 Making and Using Traditional Mortars'.
  • Good tool skills are required.

We are always happy to help learners choose the right course. Please contact us if you would like to discuss which course is suitable for you or your employees.

Learning Outcomes

  • Record an area of unstable masonry and take down
  • Rebuild in masonry as recorded and carry out traditional pointing
  • Carry out repairs to masonry at roof level

Course Outline

Days 1 to 3 (note some tasks will be started on Days 1 or 2 and completed the following day)

  • Health and Safety briefing
  • Relevant theory, classroom based activities and practical work to cover
  • Record minimum of 1m2 of unstable masonry, take down and rebuild to match original
  • Carry out repairs to masonry at roof level including cope replacement and chimney masonry including installing chimney pots

Please note: The Scottish Lime Centre Trust reserves the right to withdraw or modify any course being offered. In the event of a programme being withdrawn, we will try to find suitable alternatives.

£525.00 + VAT
(£630.00 incl VAT)

Starting on: Aug. 20, 2024:

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