Main Information

Darren Saville, Neil Grieve
Merryhill Training centre, KY12 3DR
Start Time
9:30 a.m.
End Time
4:30 p.m.
£200.00 + VAT
(£240.00 incl VAT)

Technical Details

Individual Learning Accounts (ILA)
Requires C1 & C2?
Technical Level
Practical Level


This one day course aims to provide an introductory guide to traditional Scottish roofs including function, structure, external roof shapes, typical details and decorative features, the causes of deterioration and the main causes of failure.

Practical work includes sizing and trimming slates, setting out and nailing a simple traditional slate roof and undertaking repairs.

By the end of this course attendees will be able to recognise the structure of roofs, different external roof shapes, their detailing and decorative features, understand how natural slate was formed and the variety of slates used in the past on traditional roofs as well as the main causes of failure on a roof.

They will also learn about specifying roof repairs with sufficient detail to retain the character of a traditional slate roof.

Course Suitability

This course is aimed at anyone who has an interest in maintaining traditional roofs either through owning one, having to specify repair or replacement or tendering for work.

Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to recognise different roof structures and external roof shapes;
  • Identify different roof details and decorative features on a roof;
  • Understand the deterioration factors and the main causes of roof structure failure;
  • Understanding the sizing and trimming of slates

Course Programme

  • Health and safety
  • Brief history of the use of natural slate on traditional roofs
  • Understanding the character and appearance of a traditional slate roof
  • Good survey and repair techniques
  • Examining the subtleties of Scottish practice
  • Sizing and trimming of slates
  • Setting out and nailing a simple traditional slate roof

£200.00 + VAT
(£240.00 incl VAT)

Starting on: Oct. 22, 2024:

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