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SLCT Principal Trainer, Timeserved Stonemason, Stan Stenhouse
Merryhill Training centre, KY12 3DR
Start Time
9:30 a.m.
End Time
4:30 p.m.
£160.00 + VAT
(£192.00 incl VAT)

Technical Details

Individual Learning Accounts (ILA)
Requires C1 & C2?
Technical Level
Practical Level


This unit is about understanding the selection, measuring and mixing of a range of traditional lime mortars for the repair of traditional buildings and structures.

SQA National Units H8WT 45 - Part of Professional Development Award (PDA) in Repair and Maintenance of Traditional Masonry (0.5 Credits)

This is a 1 day assessment of your practical competence to accurately proportion out materials to make 3 different mortars (lime putty, straight NHL and gauged hot mixes) finished with a ‘closed book’ multiple choice assessment of your knowledge of building limes and traditional mortars. You need to know the lime cycles and what NHL stands for! (and its not non hydraulic lime!)


This unit is suitable for those:

✔️ With no or limited experience in the construction and heritage industries who wish to gain knowledge and understanding of the preparation of traditional lime mortars

✔️ Semi-skilled site workers with some experience of ‘wet’ trowel trades.

Unit Requirement

To be eligible to register for this unit, you MUST:

✔️ have completed our C1 Making and Using Traditional Mortars Contractor Level 1.

✔️ completed Pre-Assessment questions - These must be submitted 1 week before the assessment start date if possible. For those booking later, please contact our admin team on 01383 872722.

Pre-Assessment Questions - H8WT45 - Prepare and Mix Traditional Lime Mortars


The practical experience and underpinning knowledge required for this assessment is taught on our 2 day C1 course.

Assessment will consist of 1 day face-to-face training of Preparing and mixing traditional lime mortars plus your commitment of up to one day for self study before you sit the assessment.

On completion of this unit you will be able to demonstrate that you:
✔️ understand lime terminology, techniques and practices
✔️ can prepare and mix a range of lime mortars accurately.


One Day in person
You will be assessed through completion of practical tasks in accurately proprotioning mortar mixes and making mortars together with a ‘closed-book’ multiple choice and written questions.

Upon successful completion, you will gain0.5 credits of SCQF Level 5 – Equivalent to National 5


Please note: should you cancel this course after booking an admin fee of £25 (incl VAT) will be retained by the Scottish Lime Centre.

£160.00 + VAT
(£192.00 incl VAT)

Starting on: Oct. 11, 2024:

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