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Aisling Pierce, SheepWool Insulation
Charlestown Workshops, KY11 3EN
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12:30 p.m.
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2 p.m.

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FREE SheepWool Insulation CPD at Charlestown Workshops on 12 October 2023 12.30pm until 2pm

Sheep’s wool insulation has acquired a very bad reputation because of unscrupulous suppliers who have mixed wool with polyester, creating a serious fire hazard. As well as this, they treat the wool with borax and / or pyrethrins to prevent insect attack.

There is one company that produces pure wool insulation, which has a patented treatment to the wool which changes the molecular structure of the wool very slightly, making it totally unattractive to bugs.

The company is called Isolena.

"We have trialled their products for years - I have a large building at our head office in Shropshire, insulated with their wool, which has seen zero problems with bugs after being installed some 9 or 10 years ago together with oak weatherboard facings. There is no other material in the Isolena product - no chemicals, and no dangerous flammable polyester fibre to burn. We've tested samples here, using a blowtorch, and the wool just chars a little on the surface, and will not burn - the charring actually isolates the wool from further flame.”

-Peter Ward, Heritage House

Isolena wool is supplied in the UK by a company called Sheepwool Insulation and we have Aisling Pierce coming over from Ireland to deliver a free CPD presentation on this product on Thursday, 12 October 2023 from 12.30pm until 2pm, here at Charlestown Workshops, KY11 3EN. So, bring a packed lunch and we will provide liquid refreshments… and do let us know you are coming

About Sheepwool Insulation…

We are based in Ireland and we distribute a range of 100% Pure SheepWool Insulation and Acoustic Underlay products within Ireland and the UK.

Our range of Insulation is totally unique. Most insulation products will .. insulate.

Our range of 100% pure SheepWool Products provide a host of benefits over other insulation materials see here :

Because we do NOT use any polyester / glue, and therefore, our insulation and acoustic underlay is made from and contains ONLY 100% pure SheepWool, it is 100% Pure, natural, breathable and life lasting. – as there is nothing in it to break down, just 100% pure wool.

Key points on these benefits above. – Every product will ‘insulate, but our 100% Pure SheepWool will do so much more for you and your building:

Breathability = humidity regulation – the ability to keep an older / heritage property breathable, protecting surrounding timbers, - ideal for all new builds also.

Keeping a building cool in summer.. as well as warm in winter .. this is key also.

PLUS... Very few products on the market can actually engage in Air Purification – this means that wool i.e. 100% pure wool has the ability to remove harmful toxins from a building e.g. formaldehyde and purify the air. Our 100% pure sheepwool acts immediately after installation and continues to do this .,.. forever!

So this is a ‘Healthy’ insulation – healthy for buildings and healthy for those living in the building . J

As a fibrous material it is also very good acoustically, and of course we have an acoustic range also – i.e. Carpet underlay , underlay for under timber flooring and a joist strip to go on joists before flooring is laid, - all of these have exceptional 21db noise reduction properties.

Of course, being made from and containing ONLY 100% Pure SheepWool, it has Top Fire Protection – it does not go on fire easily, plus does not emit hazardous gases if it does go on fire.

One of the very main concerns, with the use of SheepWool Insulation was – moths... ‘Moths’ love washed wool.. so if you are going to use washed wool for anything, it must be pre-treated with a moth repellent.

Ours has exceptional – life lasting protection with ‘Ionic Protect’ so absolutely no concerns there – proven tests, certified results.

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