Winter Working with Lime

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Our definitive guide to winter working with lime mortars with hints, tips and practical advice to help you extend your working season successfully.

9:30 a.m. - noon
SLCT Trainers

Charlestown Workshops

£ + VAT

Join us for the ultimate guide to winter working with lime! Our hints, tips and practical advice will help you extend your season working with lime mortars successfully. The reality is that contracting is a 365 days a year business and you don’t have the luxury of picking your weather windows.

This course is aimed at anyone who works with traditional buildings or structures. The day will consist of a mixture of lecture and practical demonstrations.

Course Outline

Topics include:

  • Background to the risk elements of winter working in inclement weather;
  • Creating a sensible regime for work;
  • Best site practices;
  • How temperature influences the performance of mortars;
  • The importance of detailing on a building;
  • Using additives in mortars;
  • How to achieve the successful curing of mortars;
  • Options for protecting and covering work from the elements;
  • Troubleshooting.

‘I have just returned from the [Scottish Lime Centre Trust’s Winter Working with Lime] course which was probably the most informative course I have ever attended.’ (November 2012)

Joe Orsi, MSc IHBC, Historic Buildings Consultant

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Please note: The Scottish Lime Centre Trust reserves the right to withdraw or modify any course being offered. In the event of a programme being withdrawn, we will try to find suitable alternatives.

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