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SLCT Trainer, Mitchell Fotheringham
Charlestown Workshops, KY11 3EN
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9:30 a.m.
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1 p.m.
£100.00 + VAT
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Drones have become more prevalent in our day to day life, from every nature documentary on Netflix to your cousin who got one for Christmas, and we will all remember the incident at Heathrow airport in December 2018.

This masterclass covers developments in technology, best practices, the regulations surrounding drone surveys, and a demonstration of drone capabilities.

  • Where can you legally use a drone?
  • What kind of data can you obtain from a drone survey of a building?
  • How can UAVs be used in the heritage sector

High-level surveys of building elements, particularly on pre-1919 buildings, can often be expensive and difficult to carry out due to access, road closures and access equipment. This has resulted in many of our traditional building stock falling into disrepair at a high level, out of sight, out of mind. Could new technologies such as drones be the answer to inspecting these areas and getting a handle on preventative maintenance?

There are issues and difficulties surrounding the use of drones in the built environment. However, with their increased use in the sector, we must look at the potential for providing captured imagery and processed data that can aid the remote inspection and documentation of historic buildings and structures.

Topics include but not limited to:

  • The application of drones in the heritage sector
  • The regulations that govern the use of drones in the UK.
  • Preplanning that should be undertaken to ensure the safety of every drone flight
  • Case studies

£100.00 + VAT
(£120.00 incl VAT)

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