Tavish Scott Visits Lime Centre

Wed 07 Apr, 2010

Tavish Scott, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats visited Charlestown Workshops today accompanied by Willie Rennie Scottish Liberal Democrats MP for Dunfermline and West Fife. By making his visit Tavish hoped to highlight the need for more investment in skills training to boost employment and the construction industry in Scotland.

The MP's were given a tour of SLCT's indoor masonry training facility, Merryhill, where they were given the the opportunity to try some of the masonry repair techniques taught at the centre. The group then visited Charlestown Workshops where Director Roz Artis-Young gave a presentation highlighting the threats facing traditional buildings in Scotland.

Mr Scott said: "It is very important that we invest in old buildings and it is this kind of centre in West Fife that is very important because there are lots of local companies and businesses across Scotland which can use it to make sure they can gain the experience needed. Scotland needs a building industry and construction industry which is going places, part of that is repairing and refurbishing old buildings."

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