New courses for Civil Engineers dealing with historic masonry structures

Wed 09 Oct, 2013


We are proud to announce the start of a new range of courses specifically designed to address the repair requirements of historic masonry civil engineering structures. The first introductory workshop introduces the range of lime and early patented cement based mortars that have been used in the past for the construction of masonry arch bridges, culverts, tunnels, light houses, viaducts, canals, harbours, retaining walls, piers and other masonry structures which contribute so much to the richness of our built heritage. But in many cases, we are asking these structures to outperform any of the expectations that their original designers intended which can leave us with various ‘headaches’ to deal with, without spoiling their beautiful aesthetics. There are now a wide range of lime and natural cement binders and other additives (based on historic additives) that can be used to emulate both the technical and aesthetic performance of original mortars.This course would be valuable for Structural and Civil Engineers and their technicians including those that look after our roads and railway network, contractors working on unprotected masonry structures and custodians of our industrial heritage. Click here to find out more.

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