The Kolkata Scottish Heritage Trust

Tue 03 Jun, 2014

The Kolkata Scottish Heritage Trust

We are proud to have helped develop with The Kolkata Scottish Heritage Trust, a new lime centre in Kolkata, India! Following experienced Architect Neeta Das’ month long training and mentoring at the Scottish Lime Centre Trust in June 2013..., the Kolkata Lime Centre has now a programme of workshops to train and educate local, and not so local, building professionals, students, operatives and owners of historic buildings in the appropriate repair materials and techniques for the built heritage. Kolkata has a huge heritage of ‘European type’ constructed buildings, most of solid brick with applied lime finishes with a plethora of intricate detailing and colour. Just as in the UK, the knowledge, awareness and know how was sporadic and Neeta is determined to bring this all together within the ‘lime centre’ family. The Kolkata Lime Centre is based at the Scottish Cemetery, burial place of Scottish merchants and traders in the 19th century. Slowly but surely the headstones are being recorded, repaired and conserved with a better understanding of the appropriate materials and techniques. We wish Neeta and her team continuing success in delivering this much needed training and education. See More

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