Changes to SLCT Staffing

Tue 31 Mar, 2020

New SLCT Staff

Wednesday, 01 April 2020

Ok, loyal clients and learners

With this COVID 19 stuff, we have had to make some radical changes to replace ‘furloughed’ staff …

From Midnight, Lily the Boxer is in charge of the Building Materials Laboratory (whilst chasing ‘sun beams’ and banging her head in the proceeds!)

Addy (the Boss’ dog) is in charge of the Building Advisory Service, she can jump walls, flat roofs and detect dry rot at the same time, but cannot write specifications! Meanwhile, the Building Surveyors, Stacey and Roz are controlling these two super drones…

But , alas, Jason cannot be replaced just now as Stonemason Trainer with his faithful Assistant Scott, because Goose, the collie, is just Goose, he can’t point for toffee!

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