3rd Historic Mortars Conference delegates visit

Tue 17 Sep, 2013

Over 50 delegates from the 3rd Historic Mortars Conference (organised and hosted by the University of the West of Scotland) descended on Charlestown Workshops for an informative presentation on the work of the Scottish Lime Centre Trust (SLCT) given by our Director Roz Artis. Delegates came from all over the world including Australia, Canada, Mexico, Portugal, Denmark, The Czech Republic and the UK and enjoyed dismantling a limekiln and slaking the quicklime made from Torlundy limestone (near to Fort William), which was one of only a few sources of high calcium lime to be burnt in Scotland historically. Tours were made of the Experimental Lime Kiln (ELK), a unique facility for the experimental burning of Scottish limestones and of course the 14 historic lime kilns at Charlestown Harbour, in their ‘hey day’ (1800s), the largest producer of lime in Scotland. Exchanging ‘notes’ with the delegates revealed the similarities of lime burning the world over and some interesting nuances to boot. Did you know ? In Mexico, additives for use in lime mortars include cactus juice, to act as a water retainer, preventing them drying out too quickly in the hot sun!

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