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This 2 day workshop aims to provide an introductory guide to a range of earth building techniques including materials science, conservation of earth structures and buildings and construction methods using earth based materials.

9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Becky Little (Rebearth Ltd), Tom Morton(Arc Architects) and SLCT Trainers

Merryhill Training centre

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This new 2 day course complements our existing range of courses for the repair, conservation and maintenance of traditional buildings and bridges a knowledge and experience gap required for the effective repair, conservation and maintenance of earth constructed buildings which unknowingly abound our landscape in Scotland. Scotland has a rich but largely forgotten heritage of earth buildings which is slowly gaining recognition through recent projects and publications. There is also a global revival for earth and natural materials in eco-construction.

Becky Little (Rebearth Ltd) and Tom Morton (Arc Architects) have over 25 years’ of experience working with both earth here and abroad and they will share their knowledge across a range of disciplines, including sourcing and testing materials, mixing and making samples, building and repairing structures and applying finishes.

By the end of this workshop course attendees will be able to recognise earth and clay built structures and buildings and will gain an understanding of earth materials science, construction methods and the conservation requirements for their effective repair. 


Course suitability

This course is aimed at those who work with, own or are responsible for traditional buildings and is suitable for building and heritage professionals, self builders, building contractors and homeowners who have an interest in our rich built heritage and those considering a renovation, conversion or new build project using traditional earth based materials and techniques.

Learning outcomes:

Ability to recognise and understand the role of earth materials in vernacular construction;

Understanding of analysis techniques appropriate for earth based materials and how to reproduce them;

Ability to create repair strategies for the repair, maintenance and conservation of earth buildings;

Understanding of mixing, application and curing of earth based materials for both historic and new build work.

Course programme

Day 1 (for up to 24 learners)

The first day will focus and case studies and scientific understanding with talks and demonstrations

Health and safety

Earth building traditions in Scotland and beyond

Earth, the ultimate green building material – new developments

How do earth buildings work?

Practical demonstrations and experiments illustrating the science behind earth building

Sourcing earth materials, testing and analysis

Recognising and repairing earth fabric


Day 2 (for up to 12 learners)

Practical taster sessions in:

Earth mortars

Mudwall (cob) and mud brick construction

Daub (on framework panels)

Light earth utilising clay and hemp fibres

To include all mixing, sample making, application and repair techniques.

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