Decorative plasterwork – Introduction to the production of enrichments or ornament

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This one day workshop aims to provide an introductory guide to the production of enrichments or ornament as part of a scheme of decorative plasterwork in both lime and gypsum by casting in moulds and hand modelling.


16 August 2019

9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Ffion Blench

Charlestown Workshops

£185.00 + VAT

This new one day workshop, through a mix of presentations and hands-on bench work, aims to provide an introduction to the production of enrichments (or ornament) using both lime and gypsum by casting in moulds and hand modelling techniques for decorative plasterwork schemes (traditional and contemporary).

Course suitability 

This workshop is suitable for those interested in exploring the tradition of decorative plasterwork schemes, their design and execution – this course may appeal to existing modern day plasterers wishing to explore their craft in more depth as well as building professionals and interior designers interested in conserving existing decorative plasterwork schemes or indeed designing new contemporary ornamental plasterwork.  

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify the different techniques of producing plaster enrichments (or ornament) on an existing plasterwork scheme;
  • Ability to understand the setting characteristics of both lime and gypsum, and where they can be used together;
  • Understanding of hand modelling techniques using armatures;
  • Ability to alter the setting times of gypsum plaster with the use of additives.

Course programme:

  • Presentation - Brief history of decorative plasterwork where lime is used as a modelling medium;
  • Practical hands-on session – Introduction to modelling with lime plaster, learning how to mix lime plasters for modelling and applying it to traditional or contemporary design;
  • Presentation – Brief history of the use of gypsum in decorative plasterwork and its use as a modelling or cast medium;
  • Practical hands-on session – Modelling and casting with gypsum. Learning how to alter the setting times and manipulate the properties of gypsum plaster through the use of additives.  

Note: this workshop does not include running cornices

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